Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Three Good Days

Day 1.  Sunday last we were blessed to be able to attend morning worship service.  After church we went home where BBBH heated the tamale pie in the oven, then we drove to Frankfort for a family party.

Most of the people seen in these pix are either children or grandchildren and in many cases great grandchildren of BBBH.  The occasion: Granddaughter Michelle, her husband David and their children Mikayla and Lucas were visiting from their home in Germany.

Day 2.  Monday we were blessed with a visit from my sister Vee and her husband Elvin who came all the way from Kansas.  They arrived about 10:30 and stayed until sunset.  Eating of good food and visiting made up most of the day and of course there was not enough time to touch on all the things we wanted to catch up on.

Day 3.  I have suffered for weeks with swelling and pain in the left eye.  Tuesday another visit to the ophthalmologist resulted in the agreement to go with the surgery (DSAEK) which should relieve the pain and likely will restore vision to the eye.  Procedure is scheduled for June 8.  I am not wishing my life away, but it cannot come too soon!


Grace said...

Well really it's a whole lot of good news - even if some of it is 2 weeks away. I re-read your old post and I laughed all over again...

Lin said...

Well, when you have good days like that, it makes the time fly by...and before you know will be time to get your eye fixed! I am praying for relief for you. It's been a rough patch, but you will soon feel much better, I'm sure.

Secondary Roads said...

We'll be praying for you here as well. Nice to have a visit with Verla and Elvin.

vanilla said...

Grace, I'll take all the good news I can get. That little thing from four years ago illustrates the fact that funny stuff happens even amidst the most serious of circumstances.

Lin, I have been praying for relief for your eyes. I know how painful inflamed eyes can be! I believe the procedure will resolve my issues.

Chuck, thank you for your prayers over this long period of time. Always enjoy time spent with the sister and brother. (He married my sister and got a wife; I got a brother. Win-win.

Vee said...

Monday was a great day for us! We really enjoyed the visit, but who are those old people you photographed?

I'm so happy that you finally have the surgery scheduled and that your eye will soon be pain-free.