Monday, May 2, 2016

Plum Pretty

The plum tree bringeth forth flowers yet produceth no fruit.

These are among the loveliest blossoms of all the flowering
trees in our yard.  Yet the tree is barren.  It was specifically
"designed" to provide spring color without the bother of a
messy fruit later on.

When the bloom is gone the tree will stand there by the
entryway, all red-faced as though apologizing for its lack
of produce.


Grace said...

Now there is a lovely thing...

Secondary Roads said...

Very nice spring color.

vanilla said...

Grace, the little tree will greet you at our front door. As shown this time of year, leaves red later on. And bare in the winter, of course.

Chuck, yes, but Spring color is nearly gone now; waiting for summer.

Lin said...

Oh, how I wish these flowering trees would last all summer. They are so beautiful! My redbud is extra pretty this year. I hate to see the flowers fall.

Vee said...

Wow! Beautiful.

vanilla said...

Lin, the blossom is short-lived but beautiful. Wonder if there is a metaphor for something there?

Vee, a lovely tree and now it stands all red: leaves only, no flowers.