Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Annual Visit to the Mounds

 We arrived at our campsite in Mounds State Park and had just set up, a task I completed by standing on the concrete pad visiting with a friend I hadn't seen in some time.  A tiny neon streak flashed across our line of sight, and looking down we saw an iridescent creature scooting along the surface of the pad.  We were able to identify it as a wee neon green anteater, for it was scooping up tiny ants!  Now understand that this critter was less than half inch in length, then I will show you a blowup of the picture for a bit of detail.

 Cicindela sexguttata, aka six spotted green tiger beetle.
Interesting, no?  I had noticed the clover in the picture, but had not espied the mushroom or the lichen until I made this enlargement.

Grace, this is the only picture we have of the people and it mostly shows Richard delivering an inspirational message on Monday evening.  Very entertaining and more to the point, edifying.
Photography stymied by lack of preparation.  I had actually thought to bring the charging cord for the camera, yet went off without it and, you guessed it, the battery ran down.

Well, just as batteries require recharging, so do our spirits and thankfully the little outing helped  energize us anew, although from a physical standpoint things could get better.  We came home Wednesday because BBBH has an appointment with nephrologist in the morning.


Grace said...

Glad you could get away, sorry you had to leave early. I normally avoid bug photos but I did click on that one, very pretty without being creepy...

Vee said...

Mounds State Park is one of the beautiful gems of Indiana. Glad you were able to enjoy a few days there.

vanilla said...

Grace, a very stunning iridescent bug. I did not know that anteaters came in such small packages!

Vee, we like this park very much and it has the added advantage of being quite close to home-- 32 miles.

Secondary Roads said...

I like the closeup shot. What a bright fellow and interesting surrounds. Yes, our spirits do need that recharge to keep things working right. Hope you are both doing better.

Lin said...

COOL bug! I love how creepy/cool bugs can be. That is a beauty!

I'm glad you got out with your friends...if only for a short time. I'm sure it took a lot of energy to pack up and get there.

It will come with time. You both have been through a lot this year and you have to heal. I'm sure your friends will be waiting for you to stay the entire weekend.

We've been to Mounds State Park--it is LOVELY! One of my favorite places to be.