Saturday, May 14, 2016

From a Year ago Today

Fair Exchange

Verily he shall do the dishes whose spouse prepareth the meal. 
--Duderonomy 3:17
And I still do the dishes after consuming the delicious meals.


Vee said...

Someone in my household does not realize this is a commandment - or maybe he knows and is just "sinning."

Secondary Roads said...

Makes sense to me.

Grace said...

I cook, and wash dishes, G dries and puts away. The man looks totally silly hunched over the sink trying not to bang his head on the cabinets...(He's 6'6" - a bit taller than you.)

KC Bob said...

I am never asked to do the dishes at Red Lobster.

Lin said...

We have always done the dishes matter who cooks. We never asked the kids to do dishes's just always been "our time" together. We talk and enjoy the task rather than dreading it. We do take turns on who washes and who dries though.

vanilla said...

Vee, well, it says in Duderonomy.

Chuck, completely sensible.

Grace, drying and putting away is good.

KCBob, and how often is this Red Lobster experience?

Lin, nice arrangement. Takes me back, though, to my childhood when sister and I were supposed to "alternate" washing and drying. Some good fusses erupted. Soon quashed by some parental unit or other.