Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Author's Choice, Part Two

The second half.  This is post number 1990 on String Too Short to Tie.

July: July 5  Wherein narcissism takes the day.

August:  Dog Tales and Pickle Jars Another tale from Uncle Jep.

September:  Good Times Another Time A growing up nostalgia piece.

October:  The Old Guy and the Old Dame  A mood piece in picture and verse.

November: Kooshdaakaa  Legends, remembrance, and honor of a departed friend.

December:  Sneak, Snack, Snuck  Grammar: another tilt at windmills.

And to make it a baker's dozen, Homestead Centennial, another family history tale.


Jono said...

Thanks for the memories! Happy New Year!

vanilla said...

Jono, may you be blessed in 2015!

Grace said...

I was re-reading these and the Kooshdaakaa post along with the comment that there didn't seem to be a shape shifter in Jewish folklore. So I googled that - and son-of-a-gun there is a Jewish shape shifter along with the Golem (which everyone knows about) and a few others of interest including angels! (Read about it HERE

vanilla said...

Grace, thank you for your research and the link. Though I have long known about chupacabra, I was not aware of broxa.

Sharkbytes said...

All good stuff! Nice collection.