Friday, December 5, 2014

Dream on

Thoughts after reading KC Bob’s recent post 

The Lark married the Owl
who needed the nights to howl.
The daylight was favored by the Lark
Who fell asleep when it turned dark.

Now, how do you suppose this worked out?
Difficult for both, without a doubt.
But love conquers all, so it is said
And luckily they shared their bed.     

Between three and five a.m.

Sometime yesterday String Too Short to Tie hit 300,000 page views.  That's about what it should get in a week.  Took over six years.


Too, if the spammers were factored out, there would be a much smaller number remaining.


Eddie Eddings said...

Nice poem.
I agree with your take on page hits.

Vee said...

Though I'm not married to an owl, one often wakes me at night. A tree big enough to support an owl does not exist in our neighborhood, so I have looked out on several occasions to see where he was perched. One day I mentioned to a neighbor how annoying the owl is and that I couldn't see where he was located. She told me she has seen him many times perched on the ridge of our roof. Lucky me!

As for the views, in the 300,000 there are some faithful readers, like me. Rarely miss!

vanilla said...

Eddie, it's not the statistics that matter, but the people who return again and again.

Vee, how wonderful; you can't see your owl because it's on your own roof! It is the faithful who are appreciated.

Sharkbytes said...

I knew that was a horned lark! I have drawings of one somewhere too. Relationships can be a challenge. And counters... I haven't looked at mine in a while 332,723. We are on a par!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, a challenge, which is to say, two must work at it to make it work. I don't put a lot of stock in the counter, but I do appreciate the people who stick with me year after year. That would be you, among others.

Secondary Roads said...

Clever poem. I like it!

I don't know how to check on number of posted comments. Probably wouldn't bother if I did. As you say it's more about the regulars that visit and share their thoughts.

Grace said...

I'm most definitely an owl, G is a lark or whatever you might call someone or something who is up promptly at 4am...So your poem is an apt description of us.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I thank you. I don't look at that statistics page very often; it really is not terribly important. I'm not a vendor depending on hits for a livelihood!

Grace, our situation is much as the verse describes. It amazes me how often such couples occur in nature-- at least in the human realm of nature.

KC Bob said...

Congrats on 300k V.

Like the poem. Wonder what it must be like for an owl and lark to be married. And what about folks who are married to spouses who only sleep a few hours a night?