Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Author's Choice

For the Year in Review, I have chosen to recall one post from each month of 2014.  To say these are my "favorites" would be to orphan all my other articles, would it not?  They are all my babies.

January:  Conversations With Random People: Eleven  Not all conversations are funny.

February:  Mama and Six-on-six Basketball  About Mother before I knew her.

March:  Misapplication of Technology  A rant.

April:  Ida Great Time  An Uncle Jep Tale.

May:  Jonah:  Unapologetically reposted  From the Old Testament.

June:  Message to Timothy and Me  From the New Testament.
Tomorrow I will post the selections for the second half of the year.


Grace said...

I am reading this on the fly, so I shall have to come back later and (re)read your selections.

vanilla said...

Grace, yes, it is too much at once. I had hoped that some would return, as you are doing, and read some of them.

Grace said...

Kinda doing a sports theme here - from basketball to fishing. I enjoyed re-reading these. Perhaps you should ask for reader's favorites. I know I have a few.

KC Bob said...

Good idea. I might try this too.

vanilla said...

Grace, I could do that. Do you have any you want to nominate for "reader's choice"?

KC Bob, I hope you do; I'd check them out.

Grace said...

I'd have to scroll through the year and I just did January - and I'm guessing my favorites would be the ones that made me laugh (because that is my very most favorite thing to do) - 1/1/14 would be on my fav list (along with another January one - wind carving on concrete 1/26). Perhaps I shall scroll through the whole year and laugh anew.

KC Bob said...

Posted mine this morning v.

Wish you a blessed 2015.

vanilla said...

KC Bob, I shall click on over there and check it out!

A blessed 2015 to you, too.

Sharkbytes said...

Your tales are worth a second read.