Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Old Guy and the Old Dame

The old house is still standing
Its days of usefulness are o'er
And though it hasn't fallen
It is more decrepit than it was the year before.

Missing panes and tattered shingles
The building is beginning to crumble
Time-battered and weather worn
I, too, am beginning to stumble.

From time to time I stop to visit
To assess the prospects for tomorrow
Some day she'll fall but I may not see it
Like her, I've little time yet to borrow.

Will the house go first, or will I?
 You may not play our little game
We'll soon revert to dust 
The old Guy and the old Dame.

© 2014 David W. Lacy


Secondary Roads said...

Through the side window I see open sky at the back of that old house.
Even the trees look ancient.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the wall at the back of the house, where you see the light, is already beginning to succumb. It is leaning 12 or more degrees off plumb. It is an ancient place, a wonderful setting, about three miles northwest of our place.

Vee said...

So true! I know your birthplace is still standing, so maybe significant time is left for both.

Grace said...

I would hope that both you and the house continue to stand for a long time...

vanilla said...

Vee, unlike this once wonderful old house, the birthplace is being maintained. Last time I saw it, anyway.

Grace, in appreciation of your kind wishes: thank you.

Lin said...

Yeah, what Grace said. I think it would be sad to watch that old gal crumble.

Sharkbytes said...

Old empty houses are sad.

vanilla said...

Lin, thank you. It seems that the poor old thing leans and lists a bit more each year.

Sharkey, there is a sadness in watching someone's one-time dream and comfort and shelter stand neglected, falling to pieces.