Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Say Toe-may-toe

 We put in three tomato plants this past spring.  About mid-July they started providing us with table-ready produce, about enough each day to keep us in fresh tomatoes.  Now, as August comes to a close, they have gone crazy.  We can't keep up with the supply.  That is yesterday's treasure trove.  Yes, we pick some green ones intentionally.  We like fried green tomatoes, in spite of the negative press the nay-sayers give them.  Some people simply don't know what is good.  Seriously, I understand that not all taste buds are titillated by the same flavors.

 Now that is some good eating, right there.  One tomato on the plate, one waiting its turn.

 One has to put something along the north side of the house.  We made a good choice several years ago when we installed these.

As usual, I planted some morning glories along the fence.  Lots of vine this year, but it took plumb up till now before we got any flowers.


Vee said...

Yum, I enjoy tomatoes - but not the ones found on grocery store shelves. (I miss the Colorado farmers' market.) Fried green tomatoes are something I added to menus only a few years ago. Delicious!

Grace said...

Fried green tomatoes - Oh Yes! Not being a gardener, or having a space to garden, means there is no such thing as fresh veggies for me. Fruit? Forget it - aside from strawberries nothing in the stores is edible - rock hard peaches, cotton-ball apricots, mushy apples, and let's not bemoan the lack of persimmons (again) - and all of these can be had at astronomical prices. I envy you your bounty.

Secondary Roads said...

My mom called them "Tommy toes." I like 'em best with lettuce, bacon and a bit of mayo.

vanilla said...

Vee, such wonderful fruit; such a narrow window.

Grace, inevitably an urbanized society depends on food produced more for high yield and ability to withstand shipping than it is for taste or nutritional quality. But it would take a book, one which I suspect someone has written.

Chuck, oh, yes. BLTs: aces up.
Have you ever noticed that the price of bacon seems to go up a bit right about the time the fresh tomatoes come in in the garden?

Sharkbytes said...

Nice- and you have those same plates, as do I and Chuck & Sylvia. Is there some message in that?

vanilla said...

Sharkey, there is a lesson in that. That Corelle™ pattern is both understated and attractive, the price was affordable, and durability unsurpassed, witness that we all have ours half-century after the purchase! The lesson? We are smart people.

Secondary Roads said...

Yes, Sharkey. What Vanilla said.