Saturday, August 23, 2014


We were in the sitting room watching TV when BBBH turned toward the window and saw that we were being watched watching TV.

 If you biggify the pictures, you can see that he is watching us.  Look at those eyes!

After taking a few shots through the screen, I went outside to get this shot from the other side.

We've listened to his song several evenings, but this is the first time he joined us for a movie.

What do you think, Lin?  Our toad is cute, too.  Right?


Vee said...

Like the wildlife - as long as they are on the outside looking in.

Grace said...

I lovey frogs (all toads are frogs by the way - I had to look it up) - You're so lucky to have a froggy friend.

vanilla said...

Vee, I prefer the wildlife on the other side of the window, too; but lots of people keep vivaria in their homes.

Grace, I do count myself lucky and occasionally, though rarely, I have an encounter with Toad somewhere in the yard. Yes, rani or bufo, all are frogs, but only bufo are toads. I think.

Lin said...

I think that is a peeper. I don't get them in my yard, but they are here, closer to the forest preserves--you can hear them singing.

I am jealous. You KNOW I would be thrilled to have him come visit me! My friend, Wendy, has had a problem of them getting in her house lately and asked if I wanted them. I had to pass. :(

vanilla said...

Lin, I am glad you got here. I was sort of depending on you for ID. I believe you are right. Thanks! It has been fun having the thing around the place.

Sharkbytes said...

Confused little guy! Peepers can climb but they rarely do. I'm confused about the yellow thighs too. I guess they can have this, but it's not listed as an ID feature. He does have the distinctive cross on the back, though.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, he must have found us entertaining, for he stayed on the screen for quite some time, then *flip!* he was gone. The cross is what convinced me that Lin's ID was correct.