Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hospital Tales

The very old and soon-to-be-superannuated cardiologist was running a treadmill stress test.  I was the victim.  (This was a long, long time ago, which could be a heads-up that detail may be fogged by the passing of time.  Anyway, I was all hooked up and the machinery was set in motion.

I had not yet reached that point where the pain sets in to the degree that one wishes he had had a heart attack when the oscilloscope suddenly flat-lined.  The doctor went into a panic mode, punching buttons and jerking on cables.  To put him at ease, I said, "Looks like you lost me, Doc."

He was not amused.

Now the point of all this:  Click here to read Shelly's account of her recent hospital experience.  I guarantee it is much  funnier than my little tale.


Grace said...

Oh my that was funny - Shelly's I mean...no offense...

vanilla said...

Grace, no offense taken. My job was successfully completed, for the purpose was to direct you to Shelly's blog.

Sharkbytes said...

Both stories are pretty funny!

Vee said...

A doctor with a sense of humor would be rare.

I laughed out loud at Shelly's hospital tale.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, thanks. Glad you visited Shelly's site.

Vee, doctors rarely have a sense of humor, and they seem to harbor resentment when the patient attempts to assist in the diagnosis.

Shelly's posts are infrequent, but they are always worth reading.

Shelly said...

Ha! I would think the doc would have appreciate the levity. And thanks for the shout out- I have to go back to that hospital next week...and I've got a secret fear she's going to have all my info changed to George.

vanilla said...

George, I'm sorry; I mean Shelly, you are welcome-- you deserve it. The shout out, I mean. George is a good and honorable name, but I think it does not suit you at all.

Secondary Roads said...

That telling him, Vanilla! Doctors are people too. Unfortunately, they don't all seem to understand that.

Thanks for the vector to Shelly's blog. I've seen her comments here for a long time, just never got over there before. I've added her to my RSS reader. Thanks again.

vanilla said...

Chuck, "Doctors are people, too." But do we really want them to be? Doctors are sometimes accused of acting as though they think they are God, and yet do we not expect them to somehow be superhuman? I just came from a doctor who is very human, pleasant, jocular, personable, and yet is that really what we want in the dr.'s office?

"As a rule, man's a fool
when it's hot, he wants it cool,
when it's cool, he wants it hot.
Always wanting what is not."

You will enjoy reading Shelly's blog.