Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ouabache in August

 Among the fungus.  

Firebugs at it, as usual.

For this month's campout, we arrived late and left early.  BBBH is going on three weeks of severe pain in the right leg, chiropractor, doctor, and doppler notwithstanding.  Solution to date: painkillers.  Not a good thing.  Thus it was that it was Monday past noon before we decided to go, and by Wednesday at noon, we decided to come home.*

We did get in one short walk, which yielded the fungus find.  And rain Monday night helped us find that we have sprung a leak around the skylight.  Always something.  The good news?  The drip dropped directly into the bathtub.

The girl finally got an X-ray which revealed two crushed vertebrae in the lower back, hence a pinched nerve causing the leg pain.  "Have you fallen recently?' asks the Sawbones.  "Well, yes, I did land on my behind in the driveway a month or so ago, but I didn't think anything of it."   MRI scheduled for Monday.


Vee said...

If you had spring a leak, it was fortunate that it was over the bathtub. Oh, the joys of ownership!

I'm sorry that BBBH is in pain and hope that very soon someone locates and fixes the problem.

Jim Grey said...

Oh dear, the back. I hope this resolves easily.

Secondary Roads said...

Hungus gungus, there's fungus among us.

Praying that your BBBH is able to find relief.

Lin said...

Oh boy. I hope the find the problem AND the solution quickly. That sounds horribly painful. Poor JoAnn. :(

Bummer about the camping trip being so short. The weather has been wonderful for camping this year, no? Cool...not too hot.

vanilla said...

Vee, leak repaired; medical attention on-going.

Jim, trusting the Lord and medical science.

Chuck, appreciate the prayers.

Lin, getting older has its drawbacks. :-) It has been a perfect season for camping!

Grace said...

I winced at JoAnn's status. Empathy, I have it (along with degenerative spine problems). I live in fear of falling on my keister...She is now added to my chats with the Universe.

Sharkbytes said...

ouchie- big ouchie. Hope she feels better soon. Love the fungus. Hen of the woods, I think.

vanilla said...

Grace, empathy I know you have, and I am sorry about that, because hurting is no fun. Thank you for kind thoughts.

Sharkey, thanks for the well-wishes. As for fungus, I don't partake, though many do. Once heard a naturalist say that any 'shroom that grew on old wood was edible, so I tried a "shelfie." Too tough to eat.