Friday, May 18, 2012


 Pearl said even limited to tomatoes I am still a farmer.  I guess so.
As you see in the photo above, we have some roses that have reverted to their rootstock.  Most farmers or rose enthusiasts would uproot this plant to make room for a new hybrid or tea rose.  Personally, I rather think this is a beautiful rose just as you see it.  I do my own thing, with nature's help.

I thought I had run dry, so far as ideas for blogposts, and maybe this post is evidence that I have done.  I reviewed in my mind some of the places we have been on String Too Short to Tie Nostalgia.  Lately I have been pushing that pretty hard.  Historical and biographical potpourri.  I do that when some item or person particularly appeals at a particular moment for whatever reasons I may have.
Politics.  I pretty much try to confine my rants in this domain to a different blog.

The personal daily lives of the residents in this household.  Most readers want only so much of the preview of what it's like to get old.  Humor.  I would love to do a humor blog, but I'm simply not that funny.  Besides, the above mentioned Pearl has that covered extremely well!

Short stories as in Tales to Be Told or School Tales.  I enjoy doing these very much, but ideas, creativity and execution are much needed.  And sometimes in short supply.

Faith and spiritual life.  This is a very important area of concern and I  include observations  or scriptures that might be helpful or uplifting, or at any rate some that have been helpful to me.  Yet while I don't limit these strictly to Sundays, that is where they are most likely to appear.

I'm not even sure how my other stuff might be categorized, so that's what I'll call it.  Stuff.
As it turns out, today's post is just stuff.


Shelly said...

The roses are still lovely. All your posts have been very enjoyable, no matter the category- always thoughtful and well written.

Jim said...

Dry periods happen. Just keep writing. The juice will return.

Chuck said...

The roses look great. So, what you're talking about is exploring rootstock--in a botanical sense in some posts and in a genealogical sense in others. It keeps me coming back.

Vee said...

Love the flowers, even though they might be classified as "wild." They remind me of the roses around our Dale Street house when we were kids. Mom was too busy canning, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and being involved at church to coddle roses.

vanilla said...

Shelly, thank you. You are so kind.

Jim, I think you are right. One has to write to get it flowing. The ratio of gibberish to jewels is sometimes quite high, though.

Chuck, and I appreciate your loyalty.

Vee, your mention of Dale Street brought back a sudden flood of memories. Roses, yes; the currant and gooseberry bushes; the peach trees at the edge of the adjoining lot (remember the white peaches?); my sister getting whacked in the tummy with a board during a ball game. Lots of other stuff. Thanks.

Pearl said...

The roses are beautiful.

And so are you, vanilla. Thank you for the lovely shout-out. :-)


Anonymous said...

I think the fun of writing a blog like yours, or like mine, where there is no real theme, is we get to natter on about just about anything that crosses our pressure to be funny, or to write about any particular topic - politics or otherwise.

vanilla said...

Pearl, thank you so much. I look forward daily to reading Pearl, why You Little... But then of course after I've read it, I get to look forward to tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

Grace, exactly! We have all the fun with very little of the pressure. Imagine a narrow focus. How would such free spirits as ours ever constrict ourselves to such a space? :p~
I jest. Somewhat.

Jim said...

The thing about blogging is that we publish the stuff that, were we committing to linotype, we would crumple and toss.

vanilla said...

Jim, certainly lots of evidence of that in the blogosphere!

Sharkbytes said...

I like your collection of "stuff" and I like the single roses best.

vanilla said...

Shark, in addition to these red roses, I also have "Simplicity" which is a single rose in pink. And thank you.