Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oldies But Goodies

 About time for another car post.  The Volkswagen van belongs to a resident in our Park in Rockport.  I snapped pictures especially for my friend, Heide, who owned just such a van for many years.  Hers was the same color as this one!
 This car is parked daily in our downtown lot.  It brings back memories.  This is a Studebaker Lark, I believe 1962.  I particularly like that it is not restored to show car condition, but it is very nice.  It is used daily as a driver.  That is what should be done with good old cars, imo.  The tires are not original but rather are updated for proper highway use today.
The memories are of my days in Seattle, long ago.  I was driving home one day when just north of 45th on Roosevelt Way I saw a new Lark being unloaded at the dealership.  So I stopped.  The Lark was introduced by Studebaker in the '59 model year, so this little red gem I stopped to look at was new to the market.  Very eye-catching.  I fell into conversation with the dealer, and the upshot was that he suggested that I join him on the lot and engage in the selling of automobiles.
Salesmanship of the sort needed to persuade someone to buy an auto is not one of my skills.  I was useful on the lot, though, performing such tasks as sweeping, buffing, and collecting the exterior chrome pieces from the floor-boards of the cars. When the assemblers where unable to keep pace with the assembly line they apparently opened the door and chucked the pieces into the car, leaving the completion of the assembly to the dealer.  I gained a new understanding of the sticker line that read "Dealer prep."

Fortunately for my wife and child I had not quit my night job.


Shelly said...

I love vintage cars. If I ever get to Cuba one day, it will be to see all the vintage cars they've kept running all these decades there.

Jim said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for Studebakers, given that I'm from South Bend. Even though the plant had been closed for a few years already when I came along, as I grew up Studies were a fairly common sight in town.

So I'd love to come upon an original '62 Lark with a for-sale sign in the window. I just hope that all the chrome trim is attached!

Chuck said...

Are you saying that "Dealer Prep" means "Some assembly required?"

vanilla said...

Shelly, worth the trip to Cuba just to see the old cars in use? Could be!

Jim, I rather liked Studies, too. Guy had a '57 Golden Hawk I drooled over and went back to kick the tires several times, but I knew I couldn't justify it on my income at the time.

Chuck, seems as though that might be what I was implying; yes, some assembly was required.