Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monsieur Lavoisier, Meet Mme. G

In chemistry class Miss Phelps taught me that Antoine Lavoisier, French scientist, was the “father of modern chemistry.” His accomplishments were many and he will be long remembered for his contribution to the sciences.

 Lavoisier named “oxygen” and “nitrogen.” He established the fact that sulfur is an element and he was instrumental in the development of the metric system. He also discovered that whatever its state, matter always remains the same mass.

 On this date in 1794, his head fell into the basket beneath the blade of the guillotine. He was accused of selling watered-down tobacco. However, it was his position as tax collector which was the cause of his demise, for all such persons had a date with Madame la Guillotine. They did not teach me that in high school.

 And, we suppose, the needles of Madame Defarge kept clicking.

 Antoine Lavoisier 1743 - 1794 RIP

Image:  wikipedia


Shelly said...

I knew of Lavoisier, but I did not know how he died. Wow- what a way to end a distinguished life~

vanilla said...

Shelly, taught the same things in your high school as they did in mine. ;-)