Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Red Is In

The entryway is red once again.  Since the shutters were colored thus a year ago, BBBH insisted that the doors should match.  Hence to the store to buy paint.  Then to the task to spread paint.  Then to repeat task the next day.  And probably to repeat it yet again.  Have you ever tried to cover a blue door with red paint?

Anyway, we think it is looking good!

(Those trees and shrubs were perfect six years ago.  Now look what they have done.  We nurtured that conical beauty on the left from a sprout twelve years ago.  We hate to remove it, but what does one do?)

Happy Birthday to my eldest child, Ann Marie,  who was born May 30 in Swedish Hospital, Seattle, Washington quite some time ago!


Shelly said...

Love the red. I always think it is such an attractive color for trim on a house. I hope you can figure out a solution for the tree short of removing it- it is a grand specimen~

Lin said...

We just ordered a red door for our house!! Note the word "ordered"--we had to pay extra, but we had them paint it at the factory. Painting doors sounds easy, but it rarely is.

Chuck said...

Your door looks great! Very inviting.

Sharkbytes said...

What a beautiful entryway! I made ours blue a few years ago. I like it too.

vanilla said...

Shelly, thanks. The tree is beautiful. Had we only had foresight enoughto have placed such a tree in a better location.

Lin, I suggested the possibility of a new door, but BBBH pointed out that paint was less costly. I guess red really is "in"!

Chuck, thanks! That door would swing open to a visit from you.

Shark, Thank you. I like blue, too, but since we went red on the shutters, well, you know.