Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life's Happy Release

On a beautiful Spring morning a flock of robins had gathered around one of their own struggling in an alley trying to extricate herself from an entanglement of fuzzy twine. Shouts of encouragement from the throats of the robin flock coud be heard for some distance. Making a careful approach to the apparent dilemma, protests in chorus made me know that my presence was unwelcome. However, their limited assistance, love and care was not enough.
With careful steps and ready with help, I gathered the entangled robin, along with the ball of twine, while assuring her that she would be released. Then with sharp knife and patient care the threads were clipped one at a time until the last thread was off. Her aides were near watching in subdued silence. Now unafraid, lying on the palm of my hand, she was making no effort to fly away. It was time to give her an upward thrust into her native element. With chirps of gratitude she found her wings and mounted skyward with her kind.
A parable of rescue of the lost in dilemma.

Found in the papers of D. W. Lacy, 1910 - 1999, over his signature.

For another bird story by Rev. Lacy, see Converting a Jay Bird.


Anonymous said...

Too bad there's no Like button on Blogger. If there were, I'd click it.

Ilene said...

Both this and the Jay bird story reveal the heart of Dad. I think I must be one of the human Jay birds to whom he referred. Dad and I, both being strong willed, had a few such battles while I was growing up.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I think I started reading your blog after you explained these stories. Were these written by your father? Nice parable.

vanilla said...

Jim, I thank you for that. Dad wrote succinctly and beautifully.

Ilene, these little stories do reaveal something important about the man. You a "jay bird"?

Joan, I have used Dad's work in four posts over the past couple of years. This one, the "Jaybird" story linked here, a sermon outline he wrote, "The Centrality of Christ" on 1/17/10, and an autobiographical sketch posted on 10/6/09. All else is mine unless otherwise noted on the post.

Vee said...

Dad was insightful and a gifted writer.

Lin said...

Hooray!! Could have sworn that you wrote that, pally. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, thanks. Glad you enjoyed Dad's little story.