Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

The bride beautiful. It is axiomatic: All brides are beautiful.

No, I did not get up to watch. But yes, I saw numerous "reruns." How could I have not ? Oh, leave the telly off?

Best twitlet comment: Two giggling, ecstatic girls on camera. One says, "Catherine went into Westminster a commoner and came out royalty."

Oh, really. Did she get a blood transfusion in there? Royalty is not "of the blood"? So why do we always speak of "royal blood"? Truth, there is no difference between commoner and royal. We are all but dust.

The madding crowd; the titillated throng. Best comedic line: Ellen DeGeneres said, "Two billion people watched the wedding. Put it in perspective, eight people didn't."

The happy Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. One truly wishes them many years of marital bliss and long life, as we do for all newlyweds. I might have liked a shot of "the kiss." But that is a bit intimate, don't you think? (actually it was on and off so quickly the shutter couldn't catch it.)

My moment of envy: I have always fantasized about ownership of an Aston-Martin and there is the Duke driving one. And I'll never ever get close enough to one to touch it. What was I saying about "we are all but dust"?


Anonymous said...

I understand that the monarchy is tradition for the British and a part of their national identity, but it is completely beyond me why the rest of the world is so obsessed with the goings on of a glorified welfare family.

And, yes...I knew that's all that would be on so I didn't bother to turn the TV on all day.

I guess I'm one of the eight.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I like British history, so I did express a little interest in the match. Still, I am a tried-and-true Daughter of the American Revolution, so the purpose and power of monarchy completely eludes logic and liberty....

Ilene said...

With reality TV being all the rage, the Royal Wedding was welcome reality with class. It beats the Housewives shows, which I choose not to watch. I must, however, confess to recording and watching every minute of the Royal event. I was enthralled with the spectacle and the perfect staging of it. Your reminder that we are all dust is apropos, in light of the ravaging tornados in the South. So sad. By the way, when I was looking up the spelling of the word apropos, I discovered that the word is obsolete. Am I getting old or what?

Vee said...

I recorded the event, so I'll be included among the "watchers" when I get around to viewing the affair.

I really enjoyed England when I was there, and the people are quite caught up in the monarchy. Since there is basically no power remaining with their royal family, I have to assume they provide entertainment and amusement for their "subjects." While we were in line for tickets at a train station in London, a young lady told me that I was as "well-spoken" as the queen. I assume that was a high complement.

Lin said...

To all the naysayers and pooh-poohers: Most little girls pretend to be princesses and brides when they are little--it's a fun fantasy. Disney has crammed that dream down our throats since the very beginning. If you wonder why everyone was all goofy about it and tuned in, let's ask how many of us have viewed a Disney movie, more than once, that has involved a beautiful princesses?

See--this is all fantasy being played out before our eyes. She is beautiful, the prince is handsome. They have glass coaches and trumpeters. There is a queen and horsemen. You can't beat it for spectacle!!!

I for one LOVED it!

Are they better than the rest of us---nope. And that is what we tune in for--that glimmer of "normalcy" amongst all of that glitter.

vanilla said...

Sailorcurt, in general, I believe that interest in weddings is more a girl-thing. Guys not so much. Opinions about royalty range across a broad spectrum. My Dad used to say that in England, they call them Lords, Dukes and Earls, while here we call them hoboes, beggars and bums. Seems a bit harsh to me, but the nobility does appear to exist with no visible means of support.

Rebecca, I have a bit of interest in British history, especially as it to a degree formulates the heritage for our own history. Language and law, anyway. Yet I am not an Anglophile and with you, I would hold that withdrawal from the Empire is and should be a complete rejection of all things Monarchy.

Ilene, I have to say, based on the brief clips I've seen, that the Brits know how to pull off a spectacle! Juxtaposition of this celebration over against the devastation of the tornadoes and other disasters recently certainly puts things in perspective.

Vee, indeed I suspect you were the recipient of a high compliment. I had little enough time in London, but it was kinda neat to see the procession against the backdrop of familiar surroundings. And instead of two thousand, there were only ten or twelve people in Westminster when I visited there.

Lin, perhaps you have given Disney too much credit, although they played a part in it. But isn't it the case that little girls have dreamed of the perfect wedding and the Handsome Prince ever since time immemorial? Oh, by the way, I posted about the wedding mostly for you. ;-) Yet it produced a very interesting conversation with differing opinions. Yea!