Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is She Expecting You?

Yesterday I was ranting about superfluous and meaningless verbiage in advertising. Today, kudos to a commercial well-done.

As with most television commercial presentations, and after having seen it numerous times, I've no idea what is being sold. But it is a great story well-told.

It is the tale of Suzie and her lemonade stand and her "rise to the top," so to speak. While as a rule I detest child actors selling adult products, I make an exception in "Suzie's" case. Who could not be taken in by this child? Who could not but find her totally believable as the CEO of a lemonade empire? Who, in fact, could not avail themselves of the peddled product?

Well, I, apparently, inasmuch as I've no idea what the product is.

But I loved the story.

Lemonade. They are selling lemonade!


Lin said...

I think it's the phone. Her dad gives her the phone and she gets things done. I agree--I like this commercial. I love Suzie's pose at the end!

Secondary Roads said...

It is Verizon -- the telephone company. I always watch little Suzie just because this commercial is so well done.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

It's cute- I like the personal assistant at the end who asks her dad if he has an appointment.

vanilla said...

Lin, I lied. Hadda do it to make the joke at the end work. Forgive me. It's a great commercial.

Chuck, it's a great ad. Do I owe Verizon an apology for pretending I didn't get it?

Shark, I often pay no attention at all to commercial messages, but this one grabbed me the first time I saw it.