Friday, April 8, 2011

Cardinal in Spring

The male cardinal was sitting on the power line across the road. His persistant, perseverating call got my attention. Had the point-and-shoot in hand, so I snapped this picture. See him there? About seventy yards away. There, below, we have a blow -up. Not great, but you can tell that it is a cardinal. Anyway, his wheat-wheat, wheat, woot, woot, woot... just wouldn't quit. On some of his runs, I counted up to eighteen "woots." Sure hope he accomplishes his mission, for he is one dedicated bird.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

I have a lovely couple taking residence nearby. Hurray! I love their songs.

Anonymous said...

Black sunflower seed keeps a couple close to my porch. One of my favorite birds,


vanilla said...

Rebecca, I like the robin song early in the morning and the cardinal later in the day!

Bob, black sunflower seed will do it!

vanilla said...
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