Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Week

This week is observed as "Holy Week" by Christians everywhere. Today is Palm Sunday. This is posted to encourage each one of us to study and reflect on the true meaning of this week of commemoration of Our Lord's final week before His glorious resurrection.
Palm Sunday recalls to us Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the Hosannas! and adulation of the people. (John 12:12-19, also Matthew 21:1-9, Mark 11:1-10, and Luke 19:29-38.) Maundy Thursday is observed in memory of the Passover supper Jesus observed with His disciples. (John 13 through 17)
Good Friday is set aside in which to grieve the death of Our Lord on the cross, and to grieve in repentence for our sin which sent Him to that cross.
The balance of the week is given to dolor in memory of the Savior's entombment.
Consider the Passover that Jesus and His followers observed. This feast is a duty and privilege of God's people in commemoration of the "passing over" of the death angel when Israel was held captive in Egypt. The people were assured that if they would apply the blood of a perfect lamb to the doorposts of their homes, they would be spared the loss of their firstborn.
Observe. 1) The passover lamb must be perfect. Christ was perfect.
2) This perfection was tested by confining and observing the lamb. Christ came under severe scrutiny by the world, and no flaw was found in Him.
3) The lamb must be slain. Christ was slain.
4) The blood must be applied. Only if found on the doorpost would judgment pass. The blood of Christ has efficacy for the individual only if it is appropriated by faith. (Salvation is offered to all, but it is not universal. The blood must be applied!)
5) The blood alone is perfect protection from judgment. Christ's blood alone saves man from judgment.
6) Observing passover is a duty and a privilege, but not a condition for safety. The believer is saved by the blood. He is strengthened by feasting on the living Word!


Vee said...

Good reminder.

vanilla said...

Vee, trying to keep these thoughts foremost during this week. Looking forward to my favorite day next Sunday!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I wish that would have been this morning's sermon... there was nothing wrong with it, but no mention was even made of it being Palm Sunday.

vanilla said...

Shark, I am not a liturgical fanatic, but I do think it is important to remember and reflect on the important events during this week in Jesus' life. What better time than now? (Our sermon didn't mention Palm Sunday, either.)