Friday, October 16, 2009

Unintended Consequences

In a post entitled "Reshaping Tipton" we noted a possible facelift in the downtown area. Now three months down the road, we note that construction equipment still partially blocks the main drag, and that while the original 'target' of the makeover has a plywood facade, plenty is going on on either side of the project.

The building to the left now has new windows and the creation of a new facade is well underway. But on the right of the 'target' building, the entire facade is missing, and to the right of that, we see a rather large chunk along the top of the front missing .

Since there are four buildings involved and since the original project is no where near completion, presumably because someone had to take care of 'collateral damage' in the surrounding area, one wonders whose pocket is being emptied.


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Yes, WOW! indeed.

Lin said...

It's gonna be great when and if they finish it!