Friday, October 2, 2009

Terror Tribe

Meet Eaglebeak. This handsome little guy was our mascot at Colorado Springs High School. The passage of time and the swirling mists of political correctness have virtually hidden his existence. But as we oldtimers say, "Eaglebeak Lives!"

CSHS has a new name. The city has long since outgrown one high school and the old school is just one of many in the jurisdiction, so our beloved alma mater has a new name, Palmer High School. And as indicated in the opening paragraph, it has a new mascot. The kiddos still call themselves "Terrors" --good for them. But the mascot is now a massive and fierce-looking bald eagle, which in fact possesses an "eaglebeak." Har-har-har.

What inspired this post at this time? Tradition, of course. It is virtually a universal observation, homecoming and or reunions, I mean; and they seem to occur this time of year all across the nation.

Love your high school. It's okay. Truthfully, I didn't like it all so very much while incarcer-- uh, er, partaking of enlightenment there. But again, the passage of time and the swirling mists encircling memory, and like that.

[This is reunion weekend at CSHS/Palmer HS]

Here's a great post by Elizabeth. Not about reunions, but it is "back to school." Srsly, rd ths.


Lin said...

It's funny on how the choosing of a name and image of a school mascot is very tough these days--everyone is so about political correctness. Okay, so I think your former mascot was more cartoonish than fierce, I find it sad that they had to change it.

There is a school in Illinois that is the Freeport Pretzels--I wonder if they have to be the Low Fat Pretzels now?

Silver said...


Feedjit. Can one really trust this thing..? ;D

leigh said...

There is an award waiting for you at Leigh vs Laundry.


Secondary Roads said...

I do not like that pc junk,
It puts me in a purple funk,
I do not like it in the school,
I do not like it as a rule,
I do not like it where e're I am,
I do not like it Sam I Am.

(with apologies to T. S.)

Andrea said...

He is an unusual looking little guy. I always wonder how some mascots are chosen.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings and prayers, andrae

vanilla said...

Lin: Pretzels? That's just twisted.

Silver: Yes, I think. ;)

Leigh: Thank you! Acceptance speech at my next awards ceremony.

Chuck: Wish I could respond in rhyme; you seem to do that all the time. You're a poet, and I'm not. But I agree, pc is not so hot.

Andrea: I guess kids will be kids. Our local HS: "Blue Devils." BBBH is less than fond of that moniker, but the community fiercely defends it.

Silver said...

Oops. Read your Comment again and realised what you have is Neo Counter and not Feedjit. hmm.. but they work pretty much the same, don't they?

Have a wonderful weekend, Vanilla!