Thursday, October 1, 2009


Notwithstanding the autumnal equinox was several days ago, my mind pretty much associates the beginning of fall with the start of October.

But for what inevitably ensues, fall would be my favorite season. The aromas, the colors, the nip in the air in the mornings, yet followed by crisp and sunny days, provide a palette of sensations that is without peer.
And harvest time provides a promise of plentiful provender for man and beast.

In the past, the sadness evoked by the loss of leaves from the trees was tempered by the joys of raking those leaves into huge piles, then leaping into them, frolicking with the kids-- or even without them when they were grown and gone from home. Yes, I am still just a big kid. Then reassembling the piles and igniting them brought forth one of fall's greatest pleasures, the odor of burning leaves! Well, we can't do that anymore. One of these days, the powers that be will legislate all our fun away. And don't give me a lecture about pc behaviors.

Bringing in the winter squash, including pumpkins [which are squash, like it or not], or going to Farmer John's punkin patch to select a couple of choice pie fruit and, of course, the all-important
jack-o'-lanterns to-be, is a chore that is much more fun than it is work.

I'm not about to tell you how to make the vicious-looking decorations. Some people use 'magic markers,' but I'm a traditionalist. Carve those rascals! Put a candle inside! But doing that with four kids was a definite hoopla in itself. Meanwhile, someone in the kitchen is making pie-crust. Whoot-whoo!

The chrysanthemums and asters are providing the blossoms where the impatiens and vinca may have failed due to an early-season frost, though there are many autumn seasons in which this doesn't happen until quite late. Some years, the roses even continue to bloom well into December.

And if a little snow flies in October, it merely reminds us to hasten the preparations for the residency in South Texas over the winter months!


Andrea said...

Beautiful~I love autumn and all the beauty that shines through during this season.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Secondary Roads said...

Despite its place in the annual cycle fall is my favorite season. It makes me think of harvest, colorful fall foliage and especially apples and apple cider. I love the smell of apples, and nothing beats apple pie!

Vee said...

Beautiful pictures from around your home Makes me a little bit jealous!

Lidian said...

I agree, you must carve a pumpkin! And happily I now have two teens who will do it, so I don't have to ;)

vanilla said...

Thanks, all, for the comments. Fall is gorgeous. Get those apples ready to crush (we made cider a couple weeks ago), get those pumpkins ready to carve. It is especially good when the teenagers do it. (One hopes they take less supervision than the younger set! [snicker])

Anonymous said...

I'm going to run against the grain here. I always struggle mightily with autumn! I like the freedom of shorts and T-shirts, and of driving around with all the windows down. The changing colors, the getting out of the long-sleeved shirts and the jackets, the turning on of the furnace -- it all makes me feel buttoned up and buttoned down. I long all autumn and winter long for the return of spring and summer.

I was born waaaaaaaaay too far north.

vanilla said...

Jim, I respect that. So much so, in fact, that we take the RV and absquatulate to South Texas for the winter months.

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

I love Autumn, and one of your photos includes two of my favorite things: Jan Karon's "Mitford" cookbook, which is wonderful in all seasons, and the unique fall treat candy corn. I had a fascinating time when I was little picking through tiny candy pumpkins and cats, ears of corn and all the rest of the shapes.

So far this fall, I've made pumpkin muffins, but next on the docket is acorn squash with corn casserole (yes, THAT acorn squash recipe...), and a delicious Martha Stewart recipe I want to try, pumpkin stew (that has pureed shiitake mushrooms in it...).

Soon, we'll venture to the nearby orchard.

Have I mentioned I love fall?

vanilla said...

Elizabeth: Fall and 'Mitford' cooking-- hard to beat.

And your gustatory recital is making me hungry!