Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cure for the Common Cold, 1983

This ad appeared in the Science Digest I mentioned yesterday. Yes, Dear, I would go walking in the snow with you. In my underwear. This ad promotes Damart Thermolactyl, "a manmade fiber much warmer than cotton or wool and also much lighter!"

"Send for your catalog right away. Not only will you survive the common cold; you'll thrive in it!"

Ostensibly, the reason I saved this magazine was because I was 'published' therein, in response to an article by 'Dr. Crypton.' blah, blah, blah. (The three diagrams demonstrating what I wrote do not show in this picture.)


Lin said...

Oh, that is some snappy couple there! Love the Fedora on the underwear-wearing guy. Nice look. :)

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

PS: urgent prayer request on arsie 2 write.

vanilla said...

Lin, I still have the hat! Not the longhandles, though. (I don't wear the thing.)

On the prayer list, Andrea.