Friday, September 16, 2016

Grandma's Reading Record

I have a somewhat ragged old Bible that once belonged to my Grandmother.  On the front and back blank leaves she recorded her readings of the Good Book.  The last lines read, "I read the Bible through in 1957 making 28 times."

In  1957 Grandma was 77 years of age.  This record indicates that she read the Bible through each year from 1932 onward.  Grandma lived to be 98 and we have no reason to believe that she changed her routine after 1957 so it is reasonable to assume that she read the Bible through 48 or 49 times during her lifetime.

One supposes that she got a new Bible in 1957, perhaps as a Christmas gift.  Who knows?  At any rate I do not have the successor Book to this one.

Wish I had been as faithful in reading the Word as was my Grandmother.


Vee said...

Impressive. She read the Bible and lived by it's teachings.

vanilla said...

Vee, Grandma was a godly woman and practiced what she preached.

Secondary Roads said...

A wonderful legacy of godliness. Not just that she read the Bible, but that she put it into practice.

vanilla said...

Chuck, correct: reading alone while admirable is insufficient.