Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vision Returns

The second corneal transplant was four weeks ago.  My right eye which was done five years ago will test 20/25.  The vision in my left eye is gradually improving.  For your entertainment, I tried to simulate my vision in that eye with the camera.

 When I look at the printed page I can now see that there are lines of type but I am not yet able to read them.

 I can now look around a room and identify objects.  Items on my lavatory counter.

This is my coffee mug.  I cannot yet read the logo but I can readily identify the object as "mine."

And of course I don't have to rely on the left eye alone.  There is still that clear vision in the right eye.  You may think that what I see is indistinct but trust me, it is a far cry from blindness.  And binocular vision has already enhanced my life.
And there will probably be continued improvement and there are always corrective lenses.  I haven't worn glasses in a decade, but I could live with that.

Happy eighty-second birthday to me.  U.S. Route 82 marker


Secondary Roads said...

And many happy returns of the day.

Grace said...

Happy Birthday!!

Jim Grey said...

What? No Highway 82 photo? :) Hope it's a happy day, and that you see better and better every day.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I thank you for the good wishes.

Grace, thank you!

Jim, I almost didn't even remember to mention my nativity. I will insert highway badge just so you won't be disappointed. Thanks for both good wishes.

Vee said...

Really amazing simulations. I'm glad your vision is improving. Hope it continues to do so.

Lin said...

I'm just glad that the intense eye pain is gone (I hope) and that the vision has somewhat been restored.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a blessed year ahead!

vanilla said...

Vee, it is a true blessing.

Lin, thank you. The absence of pain alone makes it worth it and of course I am delighted with the improving vision.