Wednesday, July 6, 2016

American Politics

The pot and the skillet had a terrible spat.
They screamed and they yelled and all that.
They gouged and they poked,
Piled up insults, stack upon stack.
When it's over both are still black.

A pox, I say. . .


Lin said...

I think that is racist.

(just kidding. Everyone gets "outraged" at everything nowadays, don't they?)

vanilla said...

Lin, I just don't know what to do these days. One can scarce say anything without being charged with being political incorrect or something.
"Black" in my day implied a dark side, even evil. Then the people of African heritage chose to call themselves "Black"; and I am supposed to drop the term from my vocabulary unless referring to them? Oh, wait they are now "African American," so may I use "black" in the traditional moral sense?

(just so you know: When I posted this verse I wondered who would call me on it.)

Secondary Roads said...

The prophetic voice is heard throughout the land.

Lin said...

I only recognized it because I used the term the other day and someone told me I was racist. Ugh. it's nuts. I agree, we can't say anything anymore--especially old sayings or cliches. My eye doctor told me the story of being called out because he used the term "putting your finer in the dike."

The world is nuts. But I think we know that already.

I wasn't really offended...I was just being snarky.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I have "prophesied" over some things,e.g., at the time of the '12 election I said it would be our last free election. Well, time is getting short and we shall see what we shall see.

Lin, we've communicated long enough that I quite understood your "snark" and I rather responded in kind.

And most of the world is nuts. There is still you and me and Chuck and our near and dear ones. (Maybe some of those are suspect?)

vanilla said...

Chuck, that the prophecy not come true is my fondest hope.