Sunday, July 17, 2016

Frugal Jesus

In John chapter six we read that Jesus and his disciples went over the Sea of Galilee up into a mountain.  There they sat on the ground and a great multitude followed them.  Jesus  looked about and asked Philip where they might buy bread that the people should eat.  Phil replied that a year's wages
would not feed this crowd.

Andy spoke up and said, "There is a kid here who has five barley loaves and two small fish."

Jesus ordered the disciples to make the men be seated.  Then he took the provender from the boy and gave thanks.  He passed it to the disciples and they distributed it to the crowd "as much as they would."

Here Jesus is modeling appropriate behavior for us in that he neglected not to give thanks.  "When they were filled he said unto his disciples, Gather in the fragments that remain that nothing be lost."

Here again Jesus is the example.  His words were not exactly "Waste not, want not," but that is exactly what he is showing us.  Of significance, too, I think, is that in the collecting of the morsels they wound up with exactly twelve basketsful.  Of course they did: twelve disciples present, no slackers today   Each one collected his basketful.

I also think this is worth pondering:  How is it that there was exactly enough leftovers to fill twelve baskets, neither more no less?

How do you use "leftovers"?

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