Friday, July 22, 2016

Little Gem and City Business

Two years ago I showed you the Little Gem building and. . . Well, go look at the article, I'll wait.

Today is an update.  The city did indeed purchase the entire corner and the three building situated thereon.  This is how it looks today.

The Little Gem remains intact.  We are pleased that 
it has been saved.  New municipal offices in the
 The two buildings seen in the background of
the 2014 picture have been converted into City Hall
and municipal offices at a cost of a cool million dollars.

 Facade at the main entrance.


Grace said...

That was nicely done. And at a good practical price. Re-purpose and re-use - not always practical or economical but in this case, as you say, perfect.

Secondary Roads said...

Well done and a tip of the hat to Tipton.

Vee said...

So nice that they preserved this building for the community - and the other buildings are beautiful.

vanilla said...

Grace, a very nice "re-purposing" effort and fewer vacant buildings downtown!

Chuck, one instance in which the powers that be did good.

Vee, overall, I think the community is quite pleased. Of course there are the curmudgeons who say, "A million dollars?!"

betty said...

Glad that they didn't tear it down but kept the Little Gem. Sounded like it was quite a project to build it all though!

Thanks for visiting :)


vanilla said...

betty, thanks for stopping by. One never knows what might show up here at STSTT.