Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Computer

Fun: soaring aloft in a hot air balloon.
Not fun:  Teaching a new computer how you work.

What this means:  This is a very nice computer and it cost me a lot of money.  It doesn't know what I want it to do, and I don't know how to "teach" it to respond to my needs.
Don't suggest lessons.  I sat with a geek-type while he poked keys, swiped spaces, opened this that and the other (which proves it is all there) but can I replicate any of his efforts?  No.  Well, yes.  He showed me where the "ON" switch is located.

Am I frustrated after three hours sitting here?  Maybe.


Secondary Roads said...

The dreaded "learning curve."

Grace said...

Ah, you got a Windows swipey model...but don't look at me for help, I haven't used Windows in what seems like decades or maybe even ever. I have tried swiping the screen on my iMac - never worked but I should think a swipe system on a desktop isn't very practical. I'm assuming you got a new laptop - I had to switch back to a desktop a while ago - 23 inch screen vs. 15 inch screen - 23 inch won!

vanilla said...

Chuck, just so; and for some inexplicable reason the hill one ascends as he rounds that curve seems steeper and steeper as the years pass by.

Grace, the idea of 23" screen is quite appealing but I need the laptop in hopes that our traveling days are not over. Yet who knows? I went from a 17" to a 15.6" but I think I am not really going to notice the loss. Swipey technology really does seem to elude me, whether touch screen phone, touch screen computer, optical door locks or whatever. And my OCD will demand that the screen be washed frequently. Fingerprints? Ugh!

Lin said...

I laughed at the fingerprints comment. Oh, I'm so goofy about that. I could never have stainless appliances for the fingerprint element! it would drive me crazy!

Good luck with the new computer. I feel your pain.

vanilla said...

Lin, we have stainless steel kitchen, thanks to BBBH. It does require frequent attention. Oh, well, I have no time-clock to punch.

Vee said...

One of life's little frustrations. But soon you will be doing things without even thinking.

vanilla said...

Vee, "without even thinking" must be what I was doing when I decided to get the thing in the first place.