Monday, April 25, 2016

Politics as Usual, 1956

 Remember Ezra Taft Benson? Sam Rayburn? How about Ike, Adlai, and Dick?

She says to the pollster, "I haven't decided!  Which do you think would help me the most=-Eisenhower or Stevenson?"

Well, which will help ME the most is always the question, isn't it?  plus ça change

 Eisenhower was the second campaigner I heard speaking from the rear platform of a train.  Truman the first in Colorado Springs, Ike in Seattle.


Secondary Roads said...

Sad commentary, but true. I remember all those names. The first campaigner I heard was JFK when he was speaking on the steps of the student union at Mich State U. I remember watching Harry Truman's train roll through our small town as a youngster. I wondered why there were so many adults standing by the tracks.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I was so disturbed listening last evening to report on pressure on congresspersons to raise funds for the party, the immorality to which we have fallen in the name of governance. Didn't know whether to weep or puke-- or both.

Vee said...

I heard Truman on the train tour. The Truman Museum has pictures of many of the train stops, but Colorado Springs is not one of them. Some years later,I heard Nixon speak at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs when he was the candidate for vice president.

vanilla said...

Vee, near brush with the famous.