Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fall meets Spring

Who said we don't have any Spring flowers?
Yard to the west of ours.  Guess from which direction the
prevailing winds come.

 The catalpa holding on to last fall's fruit is putting 
forth new leaves!


Secondary Roads said...

The dandy's blossoms and greens are edible. Have you ever tried them?

Grace said...

We went from scraggly mostly naked branches to full lushness in a matter of a very few days...it's amazing and gorgeous here.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the greens, yes.

Grace, an amazing miracle of the seasons! Gotta love it.

Ilene said...

I remember picking dandelion greens with mom. The were quite tasty. A couple of summers ago I bought dandelion greens at a farmers market. Just not the same.

Vee said...

I have had many bouquets of this little yellow flowers picked and proudly offered to me by my little ones. Those were the "good old days."

Lin said...

ugh. I'm sending a weed 'n feed coupon to the neighbor.

vanilla said...

Ilene, neither the acquisition nor the preparation would be4 the same without Mom.

Vee, kids and bokays for mommie-- a grand old tradition.

Lin, if only it would get results.