Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Old. And Puny.

Image result for compost grassLittle old woman and little old man
    took a thirty-gallon garbage can
into the yard to pick up loose grass
    five pounds or so, and another eight
then dragged the bucket through the gate
    to the compost site.

They are exhausted.  Nap time.

     It really is very annoying to be unable to get anything done without total exhaustion.  How did this happen?


Grace said...

You know what they say - getting old is not for sissies. I cleaned 2 bathrooms yesterday - rested in between cleanings and still had to rest again when finished. And it's not like they were all that dirty...

Secondary Roads said...

I'm beginning to understand . . .

vanilla said...

Grace, BBBH says it often. Guess it is a good thing we have time to rest between chores-- or partial chores.

Chuck, we hope you don't grasp the concept very soon.

Vee said...

With what you have been through recently, it will take time for strength to return.

Lin said...

You have been through a lot! Be kind to need to heal. It takes a year for your body to heal fully after something major. I think you've had a couple of "majors" from what I understand.

Maybe you can rent a goat.

vanilla said...

Vee, I know that is true. Yet at my age how much time is there?

Lin, my PT keeps saying, "Listen to your body." Yeah, right: nag, nag, nag.

Goats: great idea; I like goats.