Monday, April 11, 2016

Bureau of Artifacts

Leave it to a woman and this is what happens.  I have maintained my bureau drawers for a few years now.  The drawers were carefully lined with newspaper, Kokomo Tribune actually.  The papers were even trimmed to fit the bow front drawers.

Now for whatever reason the lady of the house decides it is time to update the linings so she rips the papers out.  How can I be upset?  What a stroll down memory lane.

For starters we have "The Boys of October" all set for the Dodger/Yankee World Series of 1956!

And we find that the President of the United States on his first-ever visit to a WS game throws out the first ball.  

More to follow.


Grace said...

I am amazed - for so many reasons. 1956?

Vee said...

Seriously? You should have decoupaged those papers to the bureau drawers.

I have no idea what is in my Hubby's drawers. Maybe I should check that out.

vanilla said...

Grace, what? That was only sixty years ago.

Vee, nothing but socks and skivvies. Why bother?

Secondary Roads said...

You had an historical archive in your drawers. Now that's different.

vanilla said...

Chuck, around here, one never knows where what will be archived.