Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Coloring, tra la

BBBH has been bitten by the "adult coloring book" craze.  So she colors.  Often.  She:  "Aw, c'mon; color with me."  So I did.  Merry Christmas.

I used pencils for this one, but it got me thinking about my experiences at coloring during my very young days.  I always leaned toward the gently applied color, so my little box of eight Crayolas tended to last me a long time.  Meanwhile my little friends, some with the "64"  would press and slash leaving great smears of color on their pages and broken crayons littering the linoleum.  These bits wound up in cigar boxes, or the little monster whined until mama or daddy got them a new box. (I made that part up:  I really don't remember this happening.)

If you missed it or want to review one of my coloring book experiences as a child you may click here.


Grace said...

I have no memory of coloring books or crayons. I know I had them for school - we were supposed to transfer our crayons from the paper box to a metal band-aid tin. (Remember when band-aids came in those metal boxes?). So I'm sure I colored in kindergarten but not at home.

Secondary Roads said...

I have a vague recollection of crayons. I don't remember coloring pictures.

Vee said...

I remember how I treasured my crayons. Unfortunately, I never thought my pictures were as nice as those colored by my friends. The ones with the most crayons seemed to always be hands-down winners.

Lin said...

I used to like coloring with the kids. Oh, and playing Playdoh and Legos too. It's very comforting to sit and create, isn't it?

I am thinking of you today as you recuperate, dear friend. I pray all of this is done now and you can feel better.

I will buy you a coloring book if you stop being sick, okay? ;)

vanilla said...

Grace, we all have our own memories but I don't know how that works. Yes, I remember metal bandage boxes and the wooden cigar box that served as a pencil/eraser/crayon holder.

Chuck, robust lads were probably more into catching frogs. Puny ones, coloring books.

Vee, yours were probably better!

Lin, I do hope to get better but a coloring book is not necessary. Just being home now is boosting my spirits.