Thursday, October 29, 2015


After the first ninety minutes in Wally World, this old guy advised the spouse that he'd be on the bench in front of checkout #17.

She nudged me gently, my eyes popped open, she said, "Watch the cart.  I'll be ready to go soon as I use the restroom."

Later in the evening she told me she hated to wake me because she was afraid someone would associate her with the silly old man who was asleep in the midst of all that traffic.

Embarrassed that someone might think I was hers?  Well!

(Someone is concerned about what the People of Walmart think of her?  Or me?) 

Ha. Haha.  Ha.

Borrowed from Bob Warr.


Vee said...

The homeless sleep in public in the daytime. If she wanted people to think she wasn't with you she could have awakened you and handed you a dollar bill.

vanilla said...

Vee, good one. You always were the sly one.

Secondary Roads said...

That Bob is a smart one, and so is your sister, Vee. Good story.

vanilla said...

Chuck, oh, I associate with and am related to clever people!

Secondary Roads said...

Vanilla, and you is one too.

vanilla said...

Chuck, Daddy told me that one is known by the company he keeps. Whatever that means.

Secondary Roads said...

And the hog got up and quietly slipped away.