Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fun, Frolic, Toil, and Throwback

Monday we visited the Elwood Opera House for lunch with friends along with a walk down memory lane.  Well, not our memories because the place predated us.

Very interesting old building with a fascinating story.

BBBH took her turn on the boards.

Then each afternoon this week has been filled with toil in the yard and garden.  Here we see the flower garden in its current state.

Wednesday pretty much finished the job except for seeding the flower garden.  The seeds have been shipped.  Anxiously awaiting their arrival.

The benches and swings and hammocks and tools have been stored.  Lin showed us her magnificent  storage job.  You will never see mine.

A Thursday throwback.  The garden 2011.

Word of the day  :predate


Vee said...

Nice to be ready for winter! I hope you have a milder one that you had last year.

vanilla said...

Vee, good wishes, those.

Lin said...

Having a small house and yard teaches one to take full advantage of every ounce of space. Our shed is a Jenga puzzle!

It's a LOT Of work to get the yard tucked in, isn't it?

vanilla said...

Lin, Jenga, jigsaw, whatever; I admire your organizational skills.

Secondary Roads said...

Nice hollyhocks.

vanilla said...

Chuck, some years are better than others for blooms. Couple years later the hollyhocks had fizzled.