Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On to the Eel River

After lunch at the orchard we drove about fifteen miles to Roann on the Eel River.  The roads went through a very scenic countryside.  There are no pictures because I was driving and the road was too narrow and too crooked to be concerned about photos.

 Our first glimpse of the river came when we arrived at Stockdale on the outskirts of Roann.  This is the site of the old mill seen here.  The signage lets us know that there is a group of people working to preserve this piece of history.

A few hundred yards and around a couple of curves and we are driving across the Roann covered bridge.  We entered the bridge from this end, either the north or the east end depending upon the reading of your compass.

This is the other end where we parked our vehicles just behind the camera.

A peek at the structural components and an interesting play of light.

Minus one couple who had deserted us at this point and the guy behind the camera, this is the fine bunch of people with whom we were privileged to spend the day.

The view through the windows  of the bridge.

  Eel River

Mac is more interested in the river than he is in being photographed.

The Roann Covered Bridge is a double span Howe truss structure.The total length is 288 feet with 16 foot width and 18 foot clearance.  It was constructed by the Smith Bridge Company of Toledo, Ohio in  1877


Grace said...

I would enjoy a day like that -

Jim Grey said...

I've toured that mill. It's worth it. Roann is charming too, and they have an annual festival celebrating their bridge.

vanilla said...

Grace, I am sure you would add real pleasure for us could you but go along on such an expedition!

Jim, interesting bridge, neat little town. The mill was not open at the time of our visit.

Lin said...

Ooohh....a fall outing, a bunch of good friends, a lovely October day AND a covered bridge?! It don't get better than that!

Vee said...

The covered bridges in Indiana have been well preserved and are really beautiful. We have an original oil painting done by Judith Hurst of the Bean Blossom covered bridge. Hubby got if for me for Christmas in 1971 or 72 when Hurst had a studio in Indianapolis. I think she still has a studio in Nashville (IN).

Secondary Roads said...

An interesting venue for a fall outing with friends.

vanilla said...

Lin, indeed as good as it gets!

Vee, there are many very nice bridges. I have visited only a handful but they are interesting.

Chuck, good weather, good friends; good times!

Marsha Young said...

I just love a good covered bridge - and to get to spend the day enjoying it with nice people - well, it just doesn't get much better than that. good for you!