Thursday, October 8, 2015

Home from the Prairie

Here we are again at Prophetstown State Park at the confluence of the Wabash and Tippecanoe Rivers.

We were greeted each morning by a world blanketed in dense fog which burned away by noon.  The view across this prairie afforded a look at the ridge opposite under clear skies.  The picture is good: it's the fog, not bad photography.

The grasses are seven feet tall.  Walking through them could get one quite disoriented.  Best follow a deer trail, or stay out altogether.

The idea of the park was to restore a natural prairie as it would have existed two hundred years ago.  All non-native plant species were removed and replaced with the original type flora.

Wiener and BBBH enjoyed the sunny afternoons.  So did I.

Lulu and Grizz on their leashes stopped by with Rececca for a visit, and a pet of course.

Louie led devotions at sunset

When the sun went down, the heavier outerwear was donned.  Visiting with friends and thanking our Creator is what it is all about.


Lin said...

Very nice! I am envious of your camping at this time of year. I really hope we can do that one of these days. Darn work gets in the way. :(

vanilla said...

Lin, yes, yet you whistle while you work and someday. . .

Vee said...

Great times. I love the tall grasses.

vanilla said...

Vee, Indiana's beauty shows through best in the Fall!