Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shake it Off

Excuse me.  Over here.  Hey! I'm talking to you.

It was that Krup character again.

"I have been in the back of your mind for nearly six years now.  I have begged you, pleaded to be put into a tale suited to my character and abilities.  Still, you do not write me up."

"Okay, Uggy.  Here's the deal. It is true that I cannot get you out of my head.  but I have come to an understanding as to the reason I cannot create and relate the adventures you so ardently crave.  I will explain it in hopes that you will quit pestering me..

"I have thought about my writing, volumes of it now, and I realize that one thing is common to virtually every piece I create.  Each story, or tale, or account of events is based on something that I have lived, or experienced, or observed for myself.  So why am I not able to create your life?  It is precisely because I have never had, nor is it likely that I ever will have, an understanding of what it means to have, to be responsible for, to even conceive of what it must be like to have the kind of resources you have.  Annual income in the 'upper seven digit range.'  Give me a break

"So lacking the requisite experience, how could I possibly create your story?  Get lost, already."

"C'mon, man.  I'll tell you my story.  You can be my amanuensis."

"Don't whine, Krup.  It's not becoming.  'Bye."


Secondary Roads said...

Some tasks are better left untouched and not begun.

Grace said...

I'm confused...

vanilla said...

Chuck, there is a true statement.

vanilla said...

Grace, not to worry. Fictional character.