Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Butterflies and Heroes

A typical Millennial, she was not the least bit interested in anything that happened before her lifetime.  How could she have been?  The world did not exist before  her birth, nor would it survive after her demise. She is the world, there is none else, only transient and ephemeral players provided as if from her own imagination solely for her own pleasure and amusement.

The Butterfly Syndrome.  They are born, cocooned, break from their chrysalis, flit through an unthinking and unsatisfying life, seeking entertainment only, having no concept of the needs of others, nor indeed any concept of the existence of others outside the parameters of the above described amusement.

This could be an accurate portrayal of today's youth.

But it is not, for although there are those in this generation and there have been in every previous generation those who fit the stereotype there are many, perhaps many more who are caring, selfless, concerned for others; those who are determined to make a contribution to the greater good and not to themselves alone.

Most of these young people perform admirably, noticed by few.  Occasionally some of them take extraordinary action, achieving a purpose rising to the level of heroism  Such an example we saw this week in the three young Americans riding a fast train in France.  Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone, and Alek Skarlatos found themselves unexpectedly at the center of a potential disaster when they disarmed and overpowered  a gunmen intent on murder and mayhem.  Rehearsing the story here would be redundant, for it has been widely aired, as is meet.

Yes, we see much that is disheartening and discouraging.  But I am not yet ready to concede that the human race is doomed.  There is hope.

Word of the day: ephemeral

The italicized clause in the opening paragraph is from The Festival of Insignificance, a novel by Milan Kundera.


Vee said...

Stereotyping is something we do well. I know people in all age groups who seem to believe they are the world (even some in ours). I also know many wonderful "millennials" who are giving, loving, and hardworking. I even envy some of their parenting skills.

vanilla said...

Vee, seems that every age has had them all from A to Z. (I just noticed that on the keyboard the "A" and the "Z" could not be closer together.)
If it seems there are more self-absorbed people today it is possibly because there are more people. The bell curve is probably a constant.