Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hair Then and Now

Did anyone notice that my profile picture had changed to this?  This resulted from computer upgrades, loss of previous picture (temporarily) and a stab-in-the-dark attempt to find a replacement.

This photo takes twenty-one years off my physiognomy.  It was made in 1994.  BBBH does not like it and I like to think it is because of the facial hair,1 not because she wouldn't have liked me in '94.  But she did not know me then.

So, because she did not like it, and because I am a prince of a guy, I found the picture of the old me, the now me, and reverted back to this identifier.

If you could take twenty-one years off your appearance would you do it? I know some people who have made  the attempt.2  Pretty good results, too, so long as the collar is buttoned high and the sleeves go to the wrist.

I would not do it.  Yes, I know I look my age, crinkles and ridges and warts and all, and I am okay with that.  Besides I don't like pain.  Or unnecessary expenditure of resources.  Or who people might think I thought I was, doing such a thing.  Can't you just hear it?  "Who does he think he is?"

"As a beauty I'm not a great star. Others are handsomer far; but my face -- I don't mind it because I'm behind it; it's the folks out in front that I jar."  --A.H. Euwer, also attributed to Woodrow Wilson, and I heard my dad quote this from the time I was a boy.
Word of the day: physiognomy

1The goatee was grown as a part of Tipton's Sesquicentennial celebration.  It was shaved in the public square by Dave Hartley.of Hartley's Hair Salon.
2Did you hear about the plastic surgeon who could install a device in the scalp so that one could insert a clock key and get an instant tuneup?


Jim Grey said...

I always said that I would face aging head on -- come what may, I would accept it, period. But now my hair is thinning on top, just a little, and it has me down. Down dooby do down down. Will I stick to my guns, or will I buy Rogaine?

But plastic surgery? Nope. Noooooope nope nope. I'm not into pain.

Vee said...

I did notice the change and liked it. But I knew you then. I also like pictures I have of you with the handlebar mustache - my favorite look.

My insurance would pay to fix my most annoying aging problem. However, I continue to resist upgrading my knee.

vanilla said...

Jim, appearance is the least of the aging problems. Unless of course one's vanity rules.

Vee, I too am dragging my feet on that issue. Unfortunately I am literally and painfully dragging my feet.

Secondary Roads said...

No, I'll keep my appearance as it is. The hair atop my head is getting very thin. It has reached the point where what you see is skin. So I buzz cut it to a short length. Won't shave. That's a barbaric practice.

Dragon's Alley said...

I didn't notice but yesterday I was kinda out of it due to a total lack of sleep...You are/were a handsome human being. There is a particular bit of plastic surgery I would love to have done - I would have to convince a doctor to convince my insurance company that it was medically necessary (because in some cases it is). If they could do spine transplants I would sign up...I don't ever want to be anything but what I am today...tomorrow may be another story.

vanilla said...

Chuck, "barbaric practice." Very punny. bwahahaha.

Grace, I feel badly about the spine issue. I know you are speaking of a physical condition because you certainly lack no spine in the character department. May you be well, and may we all have the courage to deal with our circumstances rightly.

Sharkbytes said...

Aw... I think you are a very handsome guy. I do have to say that muttonchops are not my favorite fashion nor dinner.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, flattery: I love it. Doesn't everyone? I am with you on the muttonchops, especially on the dinner plate. No, thanks.

Lin said...

I think you exude confidence in all of your photos, which is really attractive.

Would I like to remove/change a few things? Yep. You betcha. I wish I had my old muscle tone and less brown spots. But after going through one chemical peel on my face....NEVER again! It was horribly painful. Other than fixing things for pain reasons, I would never consider surgery to change. For what it is worth--our hands give away our age anyway--who do we think we are fooling? And why?

vanilla said...

Lin, it is rather as I observed: facial appearance is among the least of the aging problems. I am not a fan of pain. And yes, old hands always betray one; and why do we want to fool anyone anyway?