Thursday, August 13, 2015

Caravan Cookstove

Throwback Thursday

I have mentioned, perhaps a long time ago, that I write this blog primarily for my own entertainment and that I am gratified if you find pleasure in it, too.

I do go back through the archives on occasion, as you have no doubt inferred from the occasional "reposts."  I found this one recently, liked it enough to bring it forward.  From November 2011.

Pawing around in the loose pictures box yields not only images, but memories. This may be the principal reason for taking photos and snapshots of people. The examples here were taken in the fall prior to our marriage in February. The little lady checking her watch there in the kitchen may have wondered why I had yet to arrive. Well, as you can see, the refrigerator has morphed into a Dodge Caravan, against which I am leaning. I am enjoying a beautiful fall evening and who knows what I am thinking? I don't even remember.

This may have been the very evening during which she asked me to marry her. At any rate, it is all the beginning of something good, something exciting, and so far, something lasting.
Might I say it is all good? I might, but is there such a thing as any marital relationship in which it is all good? In this instance, it started out good and just gets better and better!

Word of the day: inferred


Vee said...

Interesting trip down memory lane and nice pictures of both of you.

Secondary Roads said...

Great pix of great folks.

Grace said...

Y'all are looking real good in these photos - so BBBH asked you, huh...Good-O.

vanilla said...

Vee, yes, the pictures just another reminder that we are not so young as we once were.

Chuck, oh, thank you so much. It is appreciated coming from a great guy.

Grac, truth: she denies it, and I did do the formal down-on-the-knee thing, but she did say to me, What is your intention anyway? Sounded like a proposal to me.

vanilla said...

Grace, sorry about the incomplete spelling of your name. Here. Fixed it.

Grace said...

The correct incorrect spelling of my name is Gace...tho Grac is a great name for a dragon.

vanilla said...

Grace, "Grace's dragon, Grac, is one of the friendly sort." Scans rather nicely.

vanilla said...

Faithful readers, I have been in the woods for five days. Home now, but restricted to a Model T computer. I can respond to comments, but I cannot access my dashboard, so no new posts until the Acer returns home, which could be today, or it might be who knows when. Ta.