Thursday, August 6, 2015

Level It!

The cake is thinner in front
than it is in back
easily solved if two-layer cake,
A souffle though is hard to make.
Unlevel stove annoys the cook
so today we finally took
the time to solve the problem.
Well.  Sweat and struggle
might and main
Twist and turn an hour to gain
a semblance of levelitude.

For who installed it
Eyeballed it.
Workmen today, 
both suave and rough
 live by the mantra
"That's good enough."

Word of the day: levelitude 

(Okay, okay.  I made it up. Don't you like it, though?)

A semblance of levelitude


Lin said...

Well...I'm sure it "looked" level enough....

Isn't it funny how leveling the oven is a must-do in the middle of summer? How about in the winter when it isn't so hot to have to get down there to mess with it?

Vee said...

"Good enough" is the norm for many workers. That causes conflict when they work for those who are obsessive-compulsive. Not that I know any OC people.

Secondary Roads said...

This post illustrate leveltudinous thinking. Well done, Sir.

vanilla said...

Lin, actually it would be an aggravation at any time inasmuch as I think the installer should have done.

Vee, the GEers and the OCones do tend to fill one anothers worlds with frustrations. Not that I am a member of either class.

Chuck, thanks. Nice job adjectifying the new word.

Grace said...

I'm gonna cry - where did my comment go? I ain't going to type all that again - Poo!

vanilla said...

Grace, fret not, neither shed a tear. I was "experimenting" with Windows 10 and inadvertently, and I mean I don't know how, removed the comment. But it came through on my email, so I reproduce it here:

Good enough for government work is what they say around here - I had that problem once with a stove - applied a level at various places on the stove, all readings came in at perfectly level...could be other problems like the pans are warped or the stove top grates were defective or the runners you slide the oven shelves on weren't quite lined up - who knows. Solution? I moved.

Fortunately for us, we had none of the warping or misalignment problems you mentioned. We are now happy, and the baked goods are, well, level.