Friday, July 17, 2015

Weather Whether or Not

Three years ago today I posted an article entitled "Hot Enough For Ya?" in which, I am sorry to say, I came close to carping about the weather.*  Today's post may approach that level of thinking as well.

I have lost track though I am sure the weather bureau could tell me, of the number of days in which we have had significant rainfall.  I stopped counting a couple of weeks ago at 41 consecutive.  I am quite certain that we have had in excess of 16 inches of rainfall since the first of June.  We have now had two glorious days without precip!  But it is scheduled to be back soon, along with temps that will rival those of the summer of  '12 about which I came close to carping.

A walk in the meadow in the evening or a bicycle ride along the streets in the morning, the pleasure of either is diminished somewhat by the foetid aroma of the decaying vegetation which has lain too long under water.

A week ago Purdue agronomists had estimated crop losses in the state at over 430 million dollars.  I did not get this week's report.  Like it or hate it, the weather is a big deal, and we do not control it.

*Complaining about summer heat is a violation of my policy whereby I try to confine my gripes to the winter weather, which I hate


Vee said...

Now I think you are a saint. Complaining about Kansas heat is my addiction. Can't stop! When we first moved here I told Hubby there was no need for him to preach about hell because the people would respond, "So?" I know, I'm bad.

A young comedian we saw perform told the audience that when he moved to Olathe he was informed the town's name is an Indian word meaning "beautiful." Then he discovered the actual meaning is, "Why do I live here?"

Jim Grey said...

Astonishing: I have the same personal rule. Never complain about the summer heat, no matter how hot it gets, because any hot day is better than a day with a single snowflake in it. I complain about winter starting Nov. 1 and do not let up until Mar. 1.

This year, I'm taking advantage of the rain by roughing up the bare spots in my yard and dropping fresh grass seed. I'm hardly having to run sprinklers anywhere because the rain is taking care of it for me. And the ground is good and soft, easy to rough up. Lemons-->lemonade.

Grace said...

Because we can't control the weather is the very reason we can complain loudly and often about it - no can say "either do something about it or shut up" - I never complain about cold - but mention the *S* word and "we're doomed, we are all doomed! Agghhh"

Secondary Roads said...

I've enjoyed that dry weather. It's the best I've felt in months.

vanilla said...

Vee, careful upon whom you bestow sainthood.

Jim, it is indeed an ill wind or a bad rain which brings no good. Smart of you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Grace, so then you subscribe to the notion that if one can do something about a situation he shouldn't complain about it?

Chuck, it's over, he wrote as the thunder crashes and the rain pelts the roof.

Lin said...

I like not having to water my lawn or the gardens this year, but the gloominess is sort of wearing.

I'm off on vacation, so I don't mind the heat right now. We haven't had much of it, so I'm not complaining. And I certainly won't mind it while I'm laying at the pool. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, As you vacation
may all thoughts of work and
things that stress you vacate the
mind; all toxic poisons and vapors
vacate the body; negativity and
doubts vacate the spirit. Now that
is a vacation. Enjoy!

Sharkbytes said...

I was going to send you sympathy for having to spend a summer in hot Indiana. But it seems you are getting wet instead. Hot and wet for extended time? I'd be traveling elsewhere.

vanilla said...

Shark, yep: wet and hot. Sometimes alternating, sometimes all at once.