Monday, July 20, 2015

The Little Things in Life

 How often in the hustle and bustle, the hurry-up lifestyle most of us live do we miss the truly lovely because we don't take the time to look around us, to stoop to look if the treasure is below the level of our straight-ahead focus on our immediate objective?

 Much like noting the gaudy floral presentations of the larger cousins of these little wonders, do we not tend to notice the rich and the famous, the noted and the notorious, while we overlook the "little people" who make their lifestyles possible?

Do you tend to focus so intently on your goal to join the ranks of the noted or noteworthy that you overlook the less fortunate, the downtrodden, the beaten-by-life?  Were you to take the time to notice, to stoop if necessary, you would find that beauty and love and kindness live there too, that nourishment and sunlight are as essential to them as they are to the great and the mighty. 

I placed my battered little President Roosevelt alongside the flowers for scale.  And did you notice that with the dime-sized beauties there is a background of even tinier blossoms so wee that an entire cluster of them may be smaller than a dime?


KC Bob said...

Well said vanilla. #experienceteaches

vanilla said...

KC Bob, thank you. If only we could learn that life passes us by while we think we are living life. Cliche of the day: Take time to smell the roses.

Vee said...

Great "sermon" for the day!

One of my favorite small garden plants is coral reef dianthus. Wildflowers along the hiking paths in Colorado were always a delight for me. Sometimes I would have to bend over almost to the ground to see the details of the tiny blooms. There were many and I do not know the names of most, but I can recognize Jacob's Ladder, Mouse Ear and, of course, Columbine.

Lin said...

Forget-me-nots are wee blossoms...and they are one of my very favorites. You have to get down and up close to really appreciate them...and yes, I really do that.

I like this post today. a lot.

Secondary Roads said...

In the words of the song, "Little things mean a lot."

Sharkbytes said...

I like those colors and the thoughts. How weird, too. There is a Roy Rogers song that was just going through my head called "A Sunday Kind of Country Kind of Love." It starts with a line "Amid the hustle and the bustle..." and then I read your blog post. I'm way behind on reading, but I do care about you guys even if I don't get caught up.

vanilla said...

Vee, oh, for a walk along a mountain trail about now. Small wonders at one's feet.

Lin, we had a wonderful stand of forget-me-nots in our lakefront lawn. I still like vivid blues and dark greens together. I've tried to grow them here, but one would have to stand over them with a sprinkler to keep them alive. Well, maybe not this summer, but you know what I mean.

Chuck, truth.

Sharkey, we are honored that with the hustle and bustle of your life you still find time for our little offerings. More, you find time to keep MQD up to date, which we appreciate.