Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Better Buy a Buick

I am amused at advertising that casts one's own product in a negative light. This goes on all the time with the "new and improved" approach, but the current one that tickles my gizzard is the old lady uttering the line "That's what I told him!" in response to the statement "That's not a Buick!"

Of course, I have the line down pat and can mimic quite well the inflection that the lady uses in her delivery of the line.  But that is not the point.  The point in point of fact is that Buick is attempting to sell you a car by denigrating the product they sold to your parents, or to your grandparents, or even to you two, three, or five years ago.

Image result for that's what i told him

Such a response from an elderly lady who for the past several decades was too busy to much notice automotive styling would be natural.  Consider that when her daddy finally agreed to allow Leroy to pick her up Saturday afternoon and take her to the county fair, Leroy, having wheedled the loan of the family car from his parent, showed up in this:

To which today's whippersnapper might well say, "That's not a Buick!"

1937 Buick Special


Secondary Roads said...

Looks like a Buick to me.

vanilla said...

Chuck, you are way past whippersnapper stage,

Ilene said...

Get used to ads that target the millennial generation. They outnumber the baby boomer generation now. On a similar note, another thing that bugs me are the ads that put down a competing product. I often can not remember the product they are advertising but seldom forget who the competitor is. This not only happens with product advertising but with political ads too.

Grace said...

Our local 4pm news features car ads and diabetes medications - I don't know who they think is watching at that time. G and I always laugh at the Buick ads because neither of us could identify one, new or old. A Honda CR-V on the other hand - that we know - finding ours in a parking lot can be time consuming (why are they all dark grey?)

vanilla said...

Ilene, agreed. Knocking the competition is below the belt and suggests to me that the advertised product cannot stand on its own merits, particularly so in the political arena.

Grace, Maaco would doubtless paint your CR_V pink, or whatsoever color you prefer. Personally, I would stick with gray. We have a black miniSUV the antenna of which I have adorned with a ping-pong ball.