Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fair Time 2015: Not Animals

There is more to the Fair than the animals, even if they are mostly my favorite part.  Sunday evening we went to a presentation by a local church youth group called "Liberated."  They presented the gospel through singing and dancing, and with their personal testimonies.

They were bustin' some moves, for sure.  I told one of the young ladies after the performance that I understood that in addition to the hour they just gave us, they had practiced for three hours that afternoon.  "Yes."  

"Ah, youth!" I said.  "I may have enough energy left to walk to my car, and all I did was watch."

Well, I could have told her, "You don't know what you got 'til its gone."  But that's not very original.

Monday afternoon we did the Exhibition Hall.  Lots of work represented in the displays of crafts and arts.  Very much worth the time spent there.

Well, yeah.  That's why I went to point-and-shoot long before digital made the scene.  This display fascinated me, though, and it clearly had taken the eye of the judge.

The title says, "White horses do not exist."  The "not" in bold, clear blue letters, looking just like all the other letters.  But when I snapped the picture, the "not" disappeared.  I took a second picture. Same result.  Weird.

Anyway, the presentation was well-done and very interesting.

A day in which one doesn't learn something is a wasted day.


Secondary Roads said...

That would have been fun and interesting too.

Grace said...

oooh - I like that - the not not showing up...

vanilla said...

Chuck, it was time well-spent.

Grace, wish I could have asked the exhibitor how it was done, but she wasn't present when I visited.

Sharkbytes said...

so... we just see white, but they are really pale other colors? What about albinos?

vanilla said...

Sharkey, perhaps it was too scientific for my understanding, but I still play "White Horse" when driving down the highway!