Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dee Thomas

Deletha Thomas, loving wife of Earl Thomas, had four beautiful children to whom she was a faithful guide and guardian.  For twelve years, Dee was our school secretary and my administrative assistant.

Dee's acumen, intelligence, and helpfulness were key to my job performance.  There is no doubt that she saved me from much grief and unnecessary work or back-tracking.  I probably do not know the extent to which she enabled me to perform my tasks.

More to the point, Mrs. Thomas could be described as an enthusiastic woman who grasped life fully, who was involved in and cared about her community and enjoyed it all immensely.

I am attending her funeral this morning.

Deletha "Dee" Thomas  1938 - 2015   RIP


Secondary Roads said...

Our world is left a bit poorer for loss of this treasure.

Vee said...

Good memories of a great person. May she rest in peace.

Jim Grey said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

vanilla said...

Chuck, we mourn for ourselves, but the world is a better place for her having lived here.

Vee, thank you.

Jim, thank you.